Joining Wild East Run Club was the best thing i’ve done for myself and for my health in the past few months.

The group is a solid support system for beginners and advanced runners.

I went with no previous experience, no big expectations and definitely not thinking that i would make this a routine.

I ended up being embraced and welcomed by a group of kind and wonderful people, who not only motivated me into sticking to it but also became friends.

The club is always finding ways of bringing people together and not letting the routine become boring. On top of it all, they are working closely to make sure all members are improving, in their own way and pace, with no absurd pressures and scary goals.

This the first time i feel comfortable in joining a team of these sorts and i’m already looking forward for the next run.

Thiago Monclar

Marketing and Graphic Design Freelancer

I enjoy this run club for a number of reasons.

first of all the distances were not too long and after being out of the running pattern for a couple of months it suited me- it’s very flexible for everyone to join.

Then on top of this i started to enjoy the community of people who came and felt Ricki had a good was of projecting positive energy to other people without expecting anything back in return.

I recommend a lot of people to this run who join and they have echoed the same thing regarding the community feel.

So personally if you want to start running, and don’t want it to feel like hard work, start here.

Steve Harrison

Teacher & Property Broker

What I love about WE/RC is that all people from different colors, races , fast or slow, beginner or athlete runner we all get together and having fun while sharing our experiences..

A great bunch of awesome people with no ego!!

Why people should join us is because we are the most awesome running club in Bangkok !

We have podium chasers and Medal addicts 🤣🤣🤣

My personal code that I live by ..

“Push Your Boundaries, Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable and Make Your Body Your Machine”

Chris Busschaert Gabe

Executive Pastry Chef & Spartan Competitor


Phone: + 66 9 487 00 369
Adress: Bangkok, Thailand 10110 | Wanchai, Hong Kong
MON-FRI 09:00 - 18:00, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 14:00